Clothes for novorozdennogo

Clothing should be loose, in any case not tight. All the seams have to go outside and play nothing else rubbed. Choose clothing that is easy to wear. Kids don't like it when through the head they wear t-shirts, sweaters and blouses with narrow collar. Handy when there are more buttons on the shoulder. More convenient those models who have buttons on the pants unbuttoned almost to the foot. Do not buy everything that you like. Because in the next few days your family will give you so many clothes that the baby will not have time to put on once each of the things, how these things will be small.

While awake in the room of the newborn can be kept almost naked or wear it on a t-shirt or very light cotton jumpsuit. To sleep in the room the baby will need two or three pairs of thin cotton Onesie or onesies. Dressing the baby before bedtime, be sure to warm his feet in their hands, so he quickly fell asleep. To sleep in the stroller on the street you need: the summer depending on the weather mild or warm hat or knit cap, cotton or flannel, if the summer is very hot, do not wear the baby does nothing, otherwise it will well stewed; enough socks and thin diapers; in the heat, try not to use disposable diapers "diapers", in the spring and fall – all the same that in the summer + blanket and lightweight knitted beanie in the winter – wearable clothes, warm hat, wool socks, winter coveralls with a hood + a warm blanket; if warm overalls size no greater wear or use two blankets.

If after the walk you see that the child was wet, the next exit will reduce the number of layers or density. If the legs of the baby after a walk cool, add wool socks.

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