iPotty – a potty for kids iPad

Scientists have proved that working with computers and tablets from an early age helps children to develop faster, allows them to train fine motor skills and increases brain activity. Here for children born in the digital age, and began production of the pot is equipped with a holder for iPad. Even adults are not always comfortable to hold tablet computers, and therefore they have to use special holders for this type of digital technology. What can we say about the children whose hands are not yet developed for this?

Potty iPotty released a us company CTA Digital, she sells it through Amazon for 39.99 USD. I must say that parents highly disliked the appearance of a pot holder for a tablet computer. Some of them resent this fact, explaining his negative attitude to the novelty of the fact that children, sitting on the pot, needs to be focused on the less poop and pee, and not to be distracted from these processes to the games. Other mom and dad took iPotty with a Bang, seeing it as a way to make the lives of their children even more interesting and exciting.

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