Glow in the dark tiles

New technology for production of unique luxury tiles, glow in the dark "moonlight". It is possible to walk in complete darkness and not be afraid to stumble. In the dark "track" will create on any area a fabulous atmosphere of tranquility and romance.

It will enhance the view from any window looking at that before bed you can admire thousands of fireflies sitting on the plot. The technology is based on the use of special molds for vibroforming with paving slabs, beautiful and firmly embedded artificial gems glowing in the dark.

The principle of the glow of the stones is based on the accumulation of lumens from any light source and returns them in the form of visible glow in the dark.

The brightness and duration of glow depends on the time of exposure to light and brightness of the light source, the most vivid luminosity is observed within the first 20 minutes and then starts to decrease within 12 hours, almost all night. When used in the landscape design of the tiles eliminates the need to use electric lights on a darkened areas of the garden.

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