Environmentally friendly car

Despite the fact that the popular and not so popular car companies never stop creating new and new cars, other designers do not stop in the creation of alternative vehicles. Increasingly new vehicles are aimed at using electricity, not fuel. This is correct, as the fuel does not stop to rise in price, and in a short time to drive an ordinary Zhiguli will become a luxury.
Besides, more and more people become owners of cars, according to this, in big cities traffic jams – almost a global problem, especially in rush-hour. Another consequence of the huge number of cars is the lack of Parking places. All these components lead to emotional harm to the car.
Well, we should not forget that automobiles harm the environment, ozone ball and, in the end, the person personally.

All this leads to the fact that the future will be without cars, or harmless to the environment cars. One of these "harmless" car is the eLink. In addition, eLink – an environmentally friendly car, he is also the winner of Michelin Design Challenge 2013.
This electric SUV is designed for two people (driver and passenger). Of course, to transfer to such transport "decent" load fail because of low capacity, but if you rely only on the environment, it is perfect.
Materials from which is made eLink lightweight and have a durable shelf life. Management in eLink, as in the machine is produced with the helm.

If you imagine a future that preserves nature and according to this, there are without a car, millions, even billions of people on the planet lose the ability to get pleasure from driving. eLink is an ideal compound for people who want to save the environment in the best possible condition and, at the same time, to experience the joy of driving. About the future need to take care of today and start with yourself!

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