Contemporary residential house

The house in the form of a cube is an original model home of the future, bearing in itself the elements of Suprematism, perfected by Malevich. Simple shapes, crisp lines give the house exterior a touch of sophistication, devoid of all the excess.

Everything in the house is connected and complementary, as in the notorious Rubik's cube. Nothing more. The result is a light and airy house, with a good view of the neighborhood, with comfortable and spacious areas for sleeping, recreation and work – family life of several people and even several generations of a family. The house is almost completely not decorated. An exception is made for balcony railings made of timber in several bands and bars in the base of the Windows.

You can choose a more economical option and use the construction techniques of frame housing, then its construction will not require a lot of time and effort. Other options are possible: the house in the form of a cube can be constructed from bricks, monolithic blocks, timber – to decide the future owner, what building material he prefers. You can experiment with the options for the wall: for this you can use a large range of materials from limestone and plaster to planket of waterproof wood that will allow you to create individual mood of the house.

Interior design house-Cuba designed for wealthy people, mobile who appreciate above all the functionality and comfort.

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