The world's most powerful 11-inch laptop

In our latitudes the company Eurocom is known not very well. But interested extremely fast mobile computers name know it well. Despite the "Euro" in the name, the company is not European, and canadian. Specializiruetsya it by selling powerful, very powerful and wildly powerful laptops, the chassis which produces the Taiwanese Benq. The most important feature of laptops Eurocom — long list of options that you do not offer more than one manufacturer. For example, before us today, the 11-inch model is available for more than a dozen different processors, for every taste and budget, up to top-end Core i7-3940XM.

Thirty seven million nine hundred twenty three thousand six hundred nine

Regardless of price, used CPU, graphics card, hard drive and all that stuff, Eurocom W110ER Monster is essentially a netbook. Display, keyboard and housing — the majority, that is to say, the external manifestations of the design activities — in this model, the absolute "netbuie". All body parts are made of plastic. That was not very boring, those panels that are on the cover and "workspace" are additionally decorated: decorated embossed texture and soft-touch coating.

Forty nine million five hundred seventy eight thousand seven hundred twenty one

Details made massive enough so that the stiffness is more or less acceptable (although when squeezing and twisting the body still tingling). But the mass went quite improper for the 11-inch model: 1.7 kilograms and above. Well, a fair case thickness taking into account all the topography is almost 4 centimeters.

Forty four million four hundred eight thousand nine

The keypad is much narrower casing, so that the comfort Eurocom W110ER is inferior even to most of your classmates. As the basis for Russian layout used in the British version, with two-storey pressing Enter button and " \ " is doubled near the left Shift key. Actually, usability of the keyboard Eurocom Monster is most like not even 11-inch netbook and 10-inch. But the touchpad is quite spacious: 85 43 mm, not including dedicated buttons. The surface is the same as the hull panels: relief + soft touch. Not the best option, but to work with the panel still is quite possible. At least, if not to make it too long. The set of interfaces is quite decent: on Board there are three USB ports, two of which have support for USB 3.0, two video output, network connector device card reader and two audio jacks

Thirty three million eight hundred nineteen thousand one hundred twenty eight

For Eurocom W110ER Monster available unprecedented by the standards of the 11-inch models range of processors up to Core i7 Extreme (+754 euros compared with the base Core i5-3210M). In our case there were no "extremism": in the tested configuration was used "only" a Core i7-3820QM. The nominal clock frequency of this CPU is 2.7 GHz, in addition, it is able to dynamically accelerate up to 3.7 GHz. Volume cache of the third level — 8 MB. In short, a hell of a lot of power for a small laptop. In the laptop there are two standard extension connector SO-DIMM in our case both were busy with DDR3-1600 with a total capacity of 16 GB.

Thirty two million seven hundred eighty seven thousand nine hundred forty two

Graphics dual. High-performance component presents NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M. This adapter has two versions: with a lower frequency of the chip, but with fast GDDR5 memory and higher frequency of GP, but with DDR3. In this case, the manufacturer chose the second option. For the hard drive, as for the processor, available a long list of options. It includes, for example, such a delicacy, as SSD OCZ Octane capacity of 1 terabyte (again, option not for Russia). In the tested instance was installed one of the mid price options — SSD Intel 520 Series with capacity of 240 GB.

Ninety four million two hundred eighteen thousand four hundred seventy eight

One of the interesting features of the Eurocom Monster is a system of access to the Bay expansion without using a screwdriver. The way it works is simply brilliant: the cover is held in latches that reteplase same sliders, and latches of the battery. In fact, the mentioned sliding the sliders, you will get access to all the components of the laptop that might interest you. In addition to the cooling system, which will be useful to periodically clean, it is possible to detect both expansion slots memory compartment hard disk standard form factor 2.5 inches 9.5 mm.

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