How to execute in Japan

Japan is one of the few countries which still has the death penalty. According to statistics 86% of Japanese support its preservation.

In 2010, the government of Japan partially showed his prison of death. All such prisons 7, but the location is unknown. This sentence in Japan imposed only for murder with aggravating circumstances. Some of these criteria sound like "much felt by the relatives of the murdered" and "if the murder of a public outcry".

According to statistics, 99% of the sentences are correct. Known only 4 cases of abolition of the death penalty.


One of the conditions of such a sentence is long-term presence in the condemned cell. This is due to the fact that during this time there may be new circumstances of the crime and the convict may be innocent. From the moment of sentencing and its execution takes about six years. All this time the prisoner spends in the chamber 10 sq. m. For a better observation of the suicide in his cell is always lit electric light.

Sentenced to alert you to the impending execution for half an hour before her. Give him time to pray, to ask, to come to the priest.

The execution was by hanging in a specially equipped room. On the ceiling fixed to the hook, and in the floor is a hatch.

In the next room are three buttons that open the hatch, the guards hit them at the same time. Only works one, to ensure that none of the guards did not know exactly who brought the sentence.

20 minutes later, the doctor finds death. Later, the body is transferred to relatives.

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