How to execute prisoners in Japan (4 photos)

Japan - one of the few countries in the world where the death penalty.
On Friday, the Japanese Ministry of Justice for the first time showed one of the seven places where criminals are executed in Japan.
The picture shows the room with the figure of the Buddha in a niche behind the curtain - a room for punishment. In Japan, criminals hanged.

The curtain opens, the offender led into a room with a hatch in the floor and put in a red square. Ring to the right - to the ropes. Behind the glass are those who are overseeing the execution.

In the next room on the wall to the right - three buttons numbered. Prison staff must simultaneously press on them to load the mechanism that opens the trapdoor in the floor.

Premises for the execution of the other side. Watching the execution, after the hatch is lowered and the person falls into it on a rope down to the ground floor to secure the death of the condemned.

C 2000 to 2009 in Japan executed 46 people.


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