Vegetarians move to Mars

Being a vegan or a vegetarian, people in society often feels like an alien from another planet. may soon become a reality, sort of. Co-founder of PayPal, Elon Musk (Elon Musk) plans for the development of the vegetarian colony on Mars.

Elon Musk is also Chairman of the Board of Directors of Tesla Motors and SolarCity, the billionaire and private space entrepreneur, he founded SpaceX, which created the rocket "Falcon 9"( Falcon 9) that NASA uses to deliver cargo to the International space station). Musk is developing a detailed plan to accommodate 80 thousand former earthly vegetarians on Mars, since scientists have found that we need to sustain earth life on the red planet. And although it may seem that this idea of a science fiction movie, such technology is becoming more real every day. Eric Anderson (Eric Anderson), a leading entrepreneur in the industry and Chairman of Space Adventures, Ltd (space tourism), said, "I have absolutely no doubt that in the next ten years in orbit around Earth will appear a space hotel."

In the plans of the new city Mask comes with a list of environmentally sound technologies, not to mention the highly beneficial vegan diet. Even for travel to Mars, will be used rockets, refueled with methane and liquid oxygen. "On Mars you can create a self-sustaining civilization and develop it into something really big," said Musk. But it won't be cheap. Musk suggested that the price of a ticket to Mars will cost a new member of the colony 500 thousand dollars. USA.

And although not everyone just can find savings of 500 thousand dollars., there are actually a lot of interesting reasons to consider moving to Mars, even at the risk of increased radiation:

1) to Live among the 80,000 vegetarians, it can be pretty cool. Of course, you can move, for example, to India... but the population is not fully vegetarians to feel "at ease";

2) Perhaps the new planet, dedicated to vegetarian ethics, will help our mind to reduce some of our other violence;

3) Two moons!

4) Even if humanity had never made such Grand flights. Even if immediately after planting the whole ship is attacked by evil Martians, flying there will no doubt be the most incredible experience in the life of any person;

5) you will Have the best tags on Twitter: #realsozialismus and #malperfusion;

6) non-GMO: while Musk has not yet figured out how to produce food on Mars, let's hope that he would leave a genetically engineered material on Earth... and to leave this planet, probably the only way to truly get rid of this;

7) On Mars, the number of days more than on Earth;

8) Vegetarian space sex. Speaks for itself.

Recall that in April 2012, it was published studies scientists of the German Aerospace center (DLR), which investigated the survival of terrestrial organisms in Mars conditions.


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