Psychological characteristics, of which we were unaware

Psychological processes have a number of amazing features, which we were unaware. And though scientists have found out many interesting facts about the human psyche, much still remains a mystery.

You can remember only 3-4 elements simultaneously

Man is able to keep some time in mind about 7 digits, some manage to memorize about 10. But to store for a long time, we may still less. According to the study — 3-4 pieces of information simultaneously.

We badly perceive the combination of red and blue colors

Though these colors are found on many national flags, they are hard are perceived by our eyes when they are close.

The combination of these colors leads to the fact that one color is "is" and the other is moving away, this effect is called "chromostereopsis". As a result, our eyes get tired quickly. Most strongly this effect is manifested in the combination of red and blue and red and green.

You see things differently than they are perceived

As and their research conducted at Cambridge University, "recently, CACM podagra Pasolini of bkoby in sloe. SMOE vange is chatby of Parva and Pinesdale bcwwa blue swich matzah"

Even if the rest of the letters will be shuffled, you can hardly notice it. Can see this if you carefully re-read the phrase in quotes. This is due to the fact that the brain does not perceive each letter separately, and reads words as a whole.

You are able to hold attention for about 10 minutes

Even if the person is at the meeting, the topic which he is interested, then the maximum attention, the brain is able to maintain it for 7-10 minutes. After that their attention starts to weaken and you want to make a break to continue to hold your interest.

The habit is formed within 66 days

Psychologists have studied how long certain actions become a habit, found that the average person for this you need about 66 days.

The more complex the habit, which he acquires, the more time it will need.

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