Better disinfection of water – the Sun

The looming problem for humankind, about the lack of potable water, long been a mystery. And rational use is a question of our time. Because of this, all the world experts have been trying to solve this kind of problem. Methods for water purification a lot, but the scale of their use is simply impossible.

Not long ago, us scientist has proposed a method for water purification that can and has the opportunity to become a reality. Its main advantages are that it is very simple and cheap, so as to dezynfytsyrovaly apply ultraviolet rays.

Cleaning with ultraviolet light is not new and this method has been used for a long time, the only difference is that the ultraviolet light is obtained artificially causing the price of these units is very high. And since at the moment the needs for these applications are mostly in third world countries, for them is simply impossible such an expensive purchase!

The idea of purification is purification from a natural source — the sun. This gives special reflector, parabolic shape. A sample of this equipment is made of wood and foil. If this technology is applied, it can solve many pressing problems.

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