Scientists have invented a smart road heated

The American company "Solar Roadways" has made an agreement with the Federal road Agency of the United States to build the roads of the new generation, which will greatly help to keep the city budget in the winter snow will melt with built-in roadbed heaters that are fuelled by solar energy.
The coating will use a special heavy-duty glass which will not Shine in the sun and the force of adhesion will not be inferior to the asphalt.

With the integrated led lamps smart solar panel will be able to "draw" on the road road signs and junctions. Moreover, they feel heavy. The "smart road", for example, can notify the driver about the pedestrian who stepped into the roadway. "Sunny road" even contains heating elements that can melt snow and ice.

On the basis of such wonderful materials Scott Brusso in the future wants to make the world the road infrastructure of the new generation, running completely offline due to the energy that will be expensive to get from the sun.

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