Instagram will begin selling user photos without their consent

Service Instagram wants to start selling photos. Under the new version of the user agreement, payment of compensation for the use of the content will not be made. Photos can convey including advertising agencies even without the knowledge of their owner.


The creators of Instagram's official blog announced about the necessity of introduction of new rules with the intention to turn Instagram into a social network Facebook, which acquired the service earlier for one billion. Adjustments in the license agreement, cause discontent among the visitors of Instagram that are also photographers. One of the users posted on Twitter that the new rules thus will turn Instagram into a stock photography, such for example as Getty Images, with one exception — no one would pay for the use of images.


Against innovations act and human rights organizations, who do not like that the administration is Instagram doesn't give users any chance to protect their photos. The only way to do that is the complete removal of your account in the service. For this reason some have called this innovation "the end of the story Instagram".

Source: /users/413


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