What would happen if you lost Internet?

A group of American scientists led by Richard Novadom had quite interesting and at the same time, the actual research survey, which was attended by 4 thousand people (half women, half men). All had a direct link with the activities on the Internet, or spend a lot of time in social networks and other services.

The question was: what would you do if your country banned access to the Internet? The results were surprising and made us think of scientists.

Approximately 67% of respondents said that they would change their place of residence, emigrated to that country, where access to Internet is allowed. The patriotism of these people is clearly not in the first place, to be connected in the network Facebook, Twitter and others is important.

Another 14% were at a loss and said that would have fallen into depression for an indefinite period.

Pleased scientists 11% of those who were more optimistic and said that would celebrate the demise of Internet, recognizing that they have a dependence on the world wide web. Thus, there would be more time for family and friends.

Real gamers, which turned out to be only 6% admitted that they would be replaced by virtual communication in the virtual world.

There were those who would have committed suicide. They fortunately only 2% (78 people). It is interesting to note that 64 persons from this group of respondents were women...

His research team Richard Novacane once again confirmed that Internet technology is developing at rapid pace and can be dangerous to people. The medicine here is powerless – to diagnose and treat this relationship impossible.

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