The skyscraper which prevents the melting of the ice

To restore the layers of the polar ice created unusual floating skyscraper, the main purpose of which is to prevent the reduction of the ice floes affected by global warming. This skyscraper looks like its form the umbrella.

This project was developed by Derek, Pirozzi and is a giant floating canopy that prevents the melting of the Arctic and Antarctic. At the same time, this design allows you to collect solar energy and not allow sunlight to get to the glaciers. Old design based on osmotic technology. She was awarded first place in the "EVolo 2013", is an annual competition of skyscrapers, which explores the future of tall buildings.

Studies show that the polar ice will melt faster in the last 20 years than in past 10 000. The polar regions are experiencing a dramatic trend of melting. But they are responsible for a fifth of global sea level rise since 1992. Polar Umbrella, Pirozzi aimed at solving this problem and offers a solution that can transform the harmful effects of global warming.

Umbrella uses salty rays as a source of renewable energy generated in a centrally located object that uses the technology of osmotic diffusion of fluid through a semipermeable membrane. Solar energy is stored in the membrane of the umbrella, which expands their thermal characteristics and special polyethylene piping systems for wastewater treatment. As recirculation of water, the structure of the umbrella makes it a new resource that uses heat flows from the membrane and prevents the heating of the ice, which is located directly under this cover.
The design can also serve as an excellent habitat for wild animals and housing eco-tourists. Presented umbrellas skyscrapers act as a self-sufficient metropolis. The transition of the Arctic waters is designed to cool the Earth's surface.

This futuristic city produces enough energy to sustain all its functions. Such structures will be built in the most affected areas where global warming has caused the greatest damage. They will protect the ice cover of the Earth, to restore the layers of ice, therefore, will gradually recover all the "victims" of glaciers.
The skyscraper competition "EVolo" this year gave a luxurious collector's edition book " EVolo Skyscrapers from ". It is a 1300-page edition, which features the best 300 proposals from the skyscrapers. The book is produced in a limited edition of just 150 copies.

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