The most common myths about contemporary art

Modern technology is surrounded by many different myths that most of us perceive the truth.

Expensive HDMI cables give a more clear signal

For the modern videolyubiteley watching movies or any other videos in high quality 720p or 1080p, is almost the rule. Therefore, they all ways try to achieve high levels of clarity and saturation. Including using expensive HDMI cable, considering that it is less susceptible to interference. In fact, the HDMI cable carries a digital signal which is in General not subject to any interference.

Lithium-ion batteries are prone to "memory effect"

Many of us believe that the charging of the battery when its not fully discharged can lead to the loss of his capacity. However, this only applies to old Nickel-metal-hybrid batteries.

Now almost any modern vehicles use lithium-ion batteries, which have no "memory effect". Moreover, the full discharge of this battery may lead to its failure, so it is recommended to load.

Americans spend millions on creating a pen, writing in space

There is a perception that Americans spent all of the money to develop a pen that could write in zero gravity for use in space, Russian cosmonauts used a pencil. However, this is not completely true.

The fact that the Americans first used a pencil, but not wooden, and mechanical with a thin stylus. But they had fears that if the stylus will break away, can cause harm to the astronauts. It was therefore decided to develop a pen.

Black box

A lot of people think that "black box" is really black in color and has the shape of a cube or parallelepiped. In fact it is not.

It is called black because it records all the readings, the technical condition and the voices of the crew of the aircraft or other vehicle that, in the event of a disaster was possible, or rather, will establish the cause of the incident.

But the form of the "black box" oval or round and painted it in orange or red to make it easier to find after the accident.

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