5 mistakes in hair care

        1. Wash your hair daily.
Naturally, You want to always be clean and fresh, but washing your hair every time You shower, you don't need — so You violate the lipid balance of the scalp and dried hair, causing their premature loss. Try to wash your hair every day, but if the hair quickly become fat, start using dry shampoo.

        2. Dry your hair with hot air.
For drying of hair is very important, not the temperature of the air and its flow. Due to the high temperature the hair will be brittle and will quickly fall out. So as not to lose hair at a young age, switch the dryer mode Teplogo or even cold air and try not to dry hair to finish.

        3. Do not use hair conditioner.
Balms and conditioners pomogu to facilitate combing of hair and make them pretty soft and pliable. If You are not using these tools, Your hair will be overly fluffy, dry and hard.

       4. Using someone else's comb.
Using someone else's comb, You risk getting a fungus, which causes dandruff and hair loss. You also need to remember when You last washed your comb with water and soap. Remember that it is grease and grime that You carry to your hair.

        5. Do not protect the hair from wind and sun.
The cold air and the hot rays of the sun is another cause of baldness. This is due to the fact that overly low or high temperature can trigger vasospasms, to injure hair follicles and scalp.

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