The most difficult and entertaining maze of Europe

Unusual entertainment offered to tourists in the Netherlands. In the town Waals (Vaals), about the highest point of the Netherlands and the convergence of the borders of three countries is another interesting tourist attraction is the huge maze that so called Drielandenpunt. The huge walls of the maze are made of densely growing bushes, through which it is impossible to climb.

The complexity of Drielandenpunt can be attributed to the category of the most difficult and interesting mazes of Europe, quickly find a way out of it will fail. Dead ends, branching paths, different obstacles, spiral and circular pathways that few features of the maze, which is not exactly like the impatient or claustrophobic people.


In addition to the complex structure of the maze, it offers a lot of surprises – suddenly gushing from the ground a trickle of water, and multiple noise, optical and other electronic tricks can confuse the brave souls who are heading for the exit. If the guest can walk to the centre, it offers a view of the maze of booths on the hill, he can observe the wandering visitors, and plan your escape from the puzzle.

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