The dirtiest surfaces You touch every day

It is hard to imagine how many invisible dangers facing Your hands. Researchers Kimberly-Clarke has compiled a list of the most contaminated surfaces You touch in public places.

The researchers analyzed the level adenozintrifosfornoy acid (ATP), the tested surfaces. High level of ATP was evidence of dangerous concentrations of pathogens. Surprisingly, one of the most "polluted" was the surface of the "gun" at the gas station. Just left the handrails of public transport and escalators in the subway and shopping centers.

Reviewed keyboard ATMs are full of germs. Very dirty also mailboxes, door handles. The conclusion is clear: if You can't touch one of these surfaces naprotyazhenii of the day, be sure to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water. You can not wash — wipe them with disinfectant or antiseptic wipes.

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