That destroyed the people on our planet over the last 50 years?

Humanity over the past 50 years has destroyed 80% of the world reserves of large fish.

20 percent of known fishing areas of the ocean are already exhausted or overwhelmed overexploitation, and another 40 percent are on the verge of exhaustion.

Catching a certain fish species, every year we throw out from networks back in the sea 20 million tons of other animals — as a rule, already in disastrous state.


The seabed in many parts of the ocean so wapahani trawls that on it he has nothing to live can not.

Over the last 50 years people have destroyed 60% of the world's forests.


About 40% of the remaining forests on Earth are divided into pieces and degraded, and deforestation occurs at a rate of 60 square miles per year.

More than 40 thousand lakes.

Each year the chemical industry releases around one hundred million tons 60 000 various organic compounds, and every year adds to the range of close to 1000 new substances.Only a small part of these chemicals are well tested for harmlessness to humans and the environment.

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