How to choose olive oil?

First you need to know how klassificeret olive oil:

Natural (virgіn) so that the oil received by using only physical methods without chemical treatment. Do not confuse the term virgin oil with Virgin grade.

Purified means that the purified oil using physico-chemical processes to eliminate sugary taste (which I consider a defect) and the acid content (free fatty acids).

Grade extra-virgin oil and virgin оlive оlive oil must not contain impurities are purified oil

pomace (pomace оlive oil) is oil, which is derived from otzhimok using chemical solvents and under the action of temperature.

Now, remember what the labels of imported bottles of oil:

Extra-virgin оlive oil — natural oil with acidity not more than 0,8%, has a wonderful taste.

Virgin оlive oil — natural oil has acidity not more than 2% is considered "good" oil.

Оlive Pure oil is generally a mixture of cleared and natural oils.

Olive oil — a mixture of natural and refined oils, the acidity of not more than 1.5 %.

Olive-pomace oil — refined pomace oil which can be mixed with natural. It is quite suitable for food, but the truth is, its hard to call it as "olive oil".

Lampаnte oil — "technical virgin" olive oil not intended for human consumption.

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