The love of parents affects the brain size of the child

Scientists with the help of colleagues conducted brain scans of two 3-year-old children: orphans and toddler, under the tutelage of loving parents. The experiment showed that the brain "unloved" child is significantly different in size from the brain a happier toddler, and had more dark areas. The researchers concluded that those parents who care about their kids, thereby ensuring a normal development of all parts of the brain of children.

But the children who suffer from attention deficit on the part of parents, have problems with psychological and physical health. In addition, they are, unfortunately, more often become drug addicts and unemployed in the future.

"The first two years of life are the most important in the development of children's brain. If a homeless child or orphan is not treated properly at an early age, the consequences may be irreversible," said Professor Alan shore.

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