Appeared keyboard that can be washed under water

Swiss company Logitech has introduced a new model in the line of keyboard for PC washable keyboard K310 Lоgitech Wаshable Keybоard. It is easy to wash and easy to dry.
The keyboard can be washed many times and even lowered under water to a depth of 30 cm (excluding USB cable). Convenient drain holes at the rear of the housing make it possible to quickly dry the device.

The symbols on the buttons are laser-cut and UV coated so that when washing the keyboard image of letters and symbols are not erased. In addition, the button can withstand more than five million keystrokes — the product is ready not only to water procedures, but also to the intense work.

The keyboard includes a digital block of keys and a set of F-buttons. The device is suitable for operating systems Windоws XP, Windоws Vistа and Windоws 7. To launch frequently used applications to one touch — the keyboard has 12 hot keys for instant access to the Internet, e-mail and sound management.

Washable keyboard expected to be available in Ukraine in June 2013, for a suggested retail price of 39.99 euros.

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