A review of gadgets and devices for modern spies

The FSB carried out a loud detention of the American spy who worked undercover in Russia. On some of the most interesting and incredible devices that could use modern special agents, I would like to tell in this review.

Probably the most promising spy device of our time is glasses Gоogle Glass that will be available in late 2013. They can record video and photos to make and send it online. GPS navigation, search data and other useful functions in the set.

Memo-Q Pen is the pen that remembers everything it has ever written and drawn, and then pass the data to the computer via USB.

A team of inventors Team MIRA did a little flying drone, which can be very quiet to fly to any point in space, for example, to the window to eavesdrop or make pictures and deliver to the appointment of a small bomb.

In 2008, the Ministry of defense scandal. After all, the local experts have found that some canadian coins I found at the Agency, working in Canada, have a microchip that can transmit to a distance of their location. However, the American military was not able to find out who fired the spy money.

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