What can cause poor posture?

Posture affects health. Say that since childhood, when parents are not allowed to sit comfortably and forced to sit up straight, remove your elbows from the table. Actually, sitting is the most unnatural posture for the body. No animal sits on the chair. But the man sitting almost the whole day. He is eating, working and relaxing sitting. The result is a curve of the spine.

Scoliosis, lordosis or kyphosis yet no one died, but these illnesses greatly affect a person's life. The back muscles all the time in tension, they do not relax and do not regenerate, so sore and aching. Over time, the pain begins in the head, the spinal curvature cannot properly support the brain.

Low back pain – an unpleasant and very painful disease of the vertebrae. They just wear out due to improper posture. Constant pain is really a very complicate life. In addition, our psyche is arranged so that any problems that need to be addressed, seem more complex than they really are.

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