Folk remedy for age spots

Stains are easier to prevent than to get rid of them. For people who have a tendency to appearance of these spots, it is easier to find spots themselves, but from those very reasons that cause them, i.e. take the established preventive measures. So, if stains appear from the abundance of the sun, it is necessary to protect exposed skin from his influence. If there is dysfunction of the internal organs, they must be treated. If there was a relationship between the occurrence of pigmentation and the influence of any substances – you need to stop using them.


Defend will help correct skin care. For several weeks in winter and spring, when the body is especially strongly suffers from a lack of vitamin C, you need to eat citrus fruits, currants, green onions, bell peppers and other foods that contain this vitamin.


— Every day morning and evening to wash the pigment stain from Linden tea, brewing two teaspoons to one Cup of boiling water.

— A tablespoon of lemon juice (and grapefruit, pomegranate, cucumber and birch juice, the juice from the berries of black currant and mountain ash, as well as juice, fresh parsley and dandelion leaves) ten spoons of water.

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