Created a scooter which can be folded like a suitcase

Hungarian company Antrо Group came up with an interesting foldable electric scooter Mоveo. For it is not required to look for a place to Park – the scooter can be easily folded up into something that resembles a briefcase and take with you.

This scooter weighs close to 25 pounds. On a single charge of the battery on the electric scooter can travel a maximum of 35 kilometers at a maximum speed of 45 km per hour, and to recharge the batteries fully in just one hour.

The manufacturer wants to produce 15 thousand copies a year, selling the electric scooter Mоveo cost 3100$, and if investment is not found, then production will be reduced to 4,000 copies a year, and the price will rise to 4,600 dollars. To realize a compact electric transport vehicle company wants mainly through the Internet.

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