How to properly care for the ears

From childhood we are taught to look after themselves: to wash, brush your teeth, comb your hair. But if the eyes, nose and mouth located, so to speak, on the "facade" of our face and we all can see in the mirror, in your ears we cannot look. So they are available to us only tactile sensations. Most likely, because of this, we often think that we're missing something and others can see what we do not see. What people do in this case? Naturally, they take a special subject and start to clean a hearing aid, trying to get as far as possible. The deeper penetrates the ear "stick", yuvelirna become a traffic master, who, in General, did not want to deprive yourself of hearing, and just wanted to do a little hygiene.

It is very important to protect the ear against ingress of water. If shampooing is difficult when swimming, and especially diving is possible. Water can be removed by jumping on one foot, bowed to the same side of the head, pulling the lobe down, blowing the ear or dripping it binds the moisture liquids like alcohol.

If the ear caught something, the first thing you need to try to shake it, not trying to get the foreign body with a match or a cotton swab, because there is a risk of pushing the object deeper. You can rotate the head to one side and her shake or jump, as in the removal of water.

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