What you will find in the Black Water Dragon Year

Year of Black Water Dragon brings changes on the personal front, and the fate of nations and peoples.

Astrologers say about the significant events in East Asia: Korea, Japan, China.
Although, judging by political intrigues in the Middle East, there is also no event can not do.

Many tremble in terror, watching movies about disasters, but all the same, let's leave aside the speculation and see what East horoscope forecasts.

Dragon - is the element of wood, but the new element dvenadtsatiletiya - water, and even a dragon breathes fire, so that water nourishes wood, helps him live, bloom and bear fruit, and the fire does not give enemies closer.

Dragons, oddly enough, the patrons of love and flirtation, however, succumb to office romances are not worth it. Much attention should be paid to children in the Year of the Dragon are waiting for their big changes in the nature, parents should support. For expectant mothers, if you were born in the year of the metal monkey, rat or dragon - for you will change the status of the most successful.

Work on yourself, Wise Dragon appreciates the spiritual effort to understand the philosophy and supports the acquisition of knowledge.


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