World's fastest electric car presented in Shanghai

At the exhibition in Shanghai, the car manufacturer Detroit Electric has unveiled his latest creation – the SP:01, which positioned company as world's fastest electric car.
Indeed, the maximum speed Detroit Electric SP:01 — 249 km/h and to accelerate from to a hundred in just 3.7 seconds.

The company explained the performance of the car for optimum balance of weight of the car and engine power. The engine power of 201 horsepower (150 kW), which develops 225 Nm of torque, drives the car, the weight of which 1068 pounds. Detroit Electric was able to reduce the weight of the SP:01, a method of reducing the battery pack and using carbon fiber for the body and aluminium for the frame.

Unit with suspension, steering and brakes provide a very good handling and a smooth ride. The basic model Detroit Electric SP:01 is equipped with an automatic transmission, however, for very advanced drivers there is a version with a four-speed transmission.

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