How to save your home from mosquitoes

Like any insect, the mosquito can be eliminated in two ways: kill it or get rid of it. Webs and loud beats of his hands against his beloved will not discuss, but refer to chemical, electrical and other means. Of destroying the means popular of all animals – in plates, vials with liquid and in the form of a spiral.

This is the most expensive method of mosquito control, but also the most harmful to humans, so fumigation fumigators can be carried out only with the Windows open.

If you do not want to have in the house the extra equipment you can use the traditional ways of controlling mosquitoes. For example, to grow on the windowsill rosemary, Myrtle or regular tomatoes. You can gently shake the plants before bed, so as to cause pungent smell that is unpleasant to mosquitoes.

If live plants You have no use of essential oils of anise, cedar, clove, or eucalyptus. A few drops of any of these oils to a diffuser or on a cotton pad which should be put on the window sill, and mosquitoes will fly to your house party.

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