TOP 3 architectural failures: the consequences of inattention

When the architect makes his next masterpiece, he thinks everything to the smallest detail. Each brick needs to be in place, each bolt tightly wound, no missed spots in painting. But sometimes, for whatever reason out mishaps, and then the building goes into an architectural misunderstanding.


Intempо skyscraper in the Spanish town of Benidorm, a symbol of hope and prosperity, was left without such an important element of Elevator. And no opportunity to finish it. One way out – on the 47th floor of the stairs.

Brick building with Italian marble – a great idea. The whole bit that it is not used for facades, but in the construction of a skyscraper AOP Center in Chicago in 1974, this fact is forgotten. The result is a marble slab just began to fall on the roof of a neighbor's house. Replacement marble on granite at a cost of $180 million.


The leaning tower of Pisa ‒ the most famous example in history of architectural failures.

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