The best invention of all time


The first operational electro-mechanical computer was used to crack secret Nazi codes. Innovations have made the computers smaller while increasing their power exponentially. Was invented following components: the transistor (1947), the integrated circuit (1959) and the microprocessor (1970). All this increased processing speed, while the hard disk (1956), modem (1980) and mouse (1983) simplified the operation to make the data available.


This mixture of two hormones that suppress ovulation unleashed a sexual and social revolution. Women got effective birth control, destroying everything that interfered with the sexual freedom of women and the right to work. In the end, it gave them unprecedented political and economic power.


A secret Pentagon project, the Internet served as a communication network that could work uninterrupted. While Your parents were celebrating Woodstock, two computers in southern California exchanged information.


Forty years after Einstein made the concept of stimulation of the light waves, a doctoral student filed a patent on light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation (laser) and got a beam that can cut, heat and measure. Consumers love lasers thanks to CD players for CD-ROMs and laser printers. Doctors love lasers because they simplify and accelerate cosmetic surgery and eye surgery. Scientists love lasers for their accuracy and power.

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