Indian teacher every day students get to swim at 12km

Every weekday 40-year-old primary school teacher Malappuram district in the Indian state of Kerala, Abdul Malik (Аbdul Mаllik), goes neck-deep in the water across the river to quickly get to the disciples.
In order to get to the other side, Mallik "clothes" on the camera car bus and rowing with one hand while the other continues to hold over the head of shoes and a bag with food and clothes. After moving on land, he dressed in clean clothes and continues on his way.

All the way Mallika takes approximately 25 minutes. If he went to school by bus, it took a solid 3 hours.
The salary of a teacher in a rural school in India — approximately 25 thousand rupees monthly (12 725 rubles). But the main compensation as the teacher says — not money, but work with children.
One of the disciples — seven-year-old Jahangir — sweet smiles, when he asked what he wanted to be when I grow up. "I want to be the same person as the teacher Mallik", finally answered the boy.

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