Unusual London skyscraper melts cars and heats Lunches

The urban landscape of London not so long ago added to a huge skyscraper that was nicknamed the "Walkie talkie" due to its unique shape when you are farther from the Foundation width of the building increases. But in recent days, the fame of this building began to make its unusual form and ability to focus huge amount of sunlight on the adjacent street that already had a number of unpleasant consequences.

One of them touched the car, Martin Lindsay, who put his Jaguar on the street Istip, and after a few hours it turned out that the roof of his car, as well as the exterior mirrors were seriously warped. The emblem of the famous brand of auto and just melted.

"Death ray" from London skyscraper melts cars and heats Lunches.

According to Martin Lindsay, he hadn't believed that his car was crippled by the sunlight. But the inventors constructed high-rise brought him to apologize and promised to fully cover the cost of repairs to the vehicle. In the end, the restoration of the car cost of £ 946. Interestingly, some office workers are already aware of this interesting effect and use it to heat their Lunches.

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