Environmental public transport. Train and bus that run on solar energy

Try to imagine that you never will need to fill the fuel tank. Given the current price of gasoline, it's like trying to pass the desirable for real. But with the development of solar energy, this dream may soon become a reality.
Actually mounts on the solar cells is not new. The first solar car built in the 1950-ies. Those early models were not very practical, but modern designers have since moved on.
Almost all vehicles, only what you can imagine find their counterparts that use solar technology. Of course, first and foremost, this car is solar-powered, but there are also solar buses, trains, ships and even helicopters.
Design of solar-powered vehicles turned into something the type sports for engineers. In fact, today most of the solar cars to participate in their respective races. The adversarial nature of these events leads to a rapid development of productivity, and, consequently, to the need to develop new safety standards. For example, in 2007 during the biggest races for solar cars, World Solar Challenge widely the speed limit.
Not so long ago in Hungary, launched the first European train with the solar panel Vili, and he travels a scenic route, carrying passengers between the city and Cialire Kismaros. Particularly impressive in this train cabin full of passengers. Lightweight vehicle solar panels are rarely used for such purposes.

First bus solar energy Tindо launched in 2007 in Adelaide, Australia. In addition, the fuel-free bus, passengers can travel in it absolutely free! In the cabin can comfortably accommodate 40 passengers, the bus has air conditioning, Wi-Fi hotspot, and provides several other free services.

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