Exercise for weight loss hands

While most of the demand exercise for weight loss belly or slim legs, hands quite often in need of physical exertion. Have lost their elasticity triceps can greatly damage figure. To prevent this from happening, you can do exercise for weight loss hands.
Need to sit down on a chair, then hands to operetsja on the seat behind. To move the buttocks forward to hang above the floor. Up and down by flexion and extension of hands. Repeat the exercise twenty times.
You need to take a dumbbell weighing two kilograms, to give up, and then to raise them up. Arms out to the sides, lowering them. Repeat the exercise ten times. Then relax the hands, hanging them at your sides, dumbbells but still keep. Raise the arms so they were parallel to the floor and return to starting position. Repeating the movement thirty times.

Should be straight, keeping your arms parallel to the floor in front of chest. Then pick them up and put your hands behind your head (preferably as far as possible). To straighten them above her head, reach for the ceiling, and then to return to its original position. To make the exercise 20-30 times.
Stand straight, keep your arms close to your chest, holding them dumbbells. You need to lunge your right foot, at the same time straighten the left arm forward, and then repeat the same, changing out the arm and leg. Repeat this exercise 10 times for each hand.

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