Created oven on solar energy, who will prepare the food in a matter of minutes

Great news for those who love to relax in nature: a solar stove GоSun device for cooking food by solar energy. With this seemingly simple pipe can make a delicious dish in just 20 minutes.

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Vacuum tube GоSun can be almost anything – bake, fry, boil. GoSun gives you the opportunity to cook the pasta, add the meat, fry the mozzarella. To cook with solar stoves can be almost anywhere and at any time of the year, and the cost of this unique device is less than $200.

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GoSun easy to install and to use. The device is made of two fold-out surfaces that collect light at different angles, and the rays are concentrated onto a glass vacuum tube. It absorb solar energy and use for cooking food. The main difference from other solar GoSun stoves is that this device does not need precise positioning relative to sunlight and can effectively gather the light almost immediately after installation. GoSun plate heated to 250°C almost for a couple of minutes, and it gives the opportunity not just to cook, but also long enough to keep the food hot.

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