Named the most beautiful insect in the world

Insect light myriad. All, probably, nobody knows, even professional entomologists. But among them there are those who can easily defend the title of most beautiful. Beautiful insects? Of course, to mind immediately come bright butterfly. But in the insect world there are other beauties. For example, praying mantises. What do we know about them? Very little, and that very little of what how handsome they can be. We know they love to put front paws as if praying to God, and that we are able to pretend to be all sorts of leaves and sticks.

And this art of mimicry, they have achieved the highest, is almost not achievable heights. Did you know that there are praying mantises, able to pretend to be flowers? And not simple, and orchids, papaya, Jasmine and other flowering trees – different shades and colors.

Orchid mantids are kept at home. This is not a big difficulty, you just have to know about this kind Bogomolov importantly – during periods of molt, they need very high humidity.

They have a structure of legs that it is extremely difficult to get rid of the old "skin", if it is not soaked from the humidity. If mantis long time to keep it surrounded by flowers of one color, then each subsequent molt, they will purchase the color more and more similar to the color of these colors.

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