Unique chair made of minerals in the legs there is no truth

In the school years children are often left teachers and chairs of a button. Designer Tokujin Yoshioka is probably in this case succeeded, as did a unique model of a chair, sitting on which it is not.
And it's not in the stationery buttons, and mineral crystals from which made furniture. The form of the chair in this installation is formed of seven thin threads, which after a certain time crystals.
Tokujin Yoshioka is not just made a unique model of furniture, but also invested in your project deeper meaning. The prototype of this chair was the story from the Japanese classic story "Theme spider", where the Buddha gives a chance to the criminals in hell, who during life did good things.

He takes the image of a spider and descends from heaven in hell wide web that a criminal could rise to heaven from hell. In the story, the thread of the spider is a symbol of the fragility of hope.

A chair of natural crystals growing from a piece of mineral fibers, which in the process, expanded and pulled the design out of thread, making a clear outline of the piece of furniture. "Spider's Thread" was first presented in a solo exhibition of the designer Takip Yoshiaki "Takip YОSHIOKA_Сrystallize", which was opened in the Museum of modern art Tokyo 3 October 2013 and will run until 19 January 2014.

Meanwhile, in Bangkok built a house made of porcelain skulls.

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