Deadly stones and minerals

We often ask the question whether the ground beneath our feet to swallow us. In fact, more and more insidious than we thought. Throw a stone that you just picked up ... you can get poisoned. This list contains the ten most toxic and potentially deadly minerals that crystallize in rocks and are dangerously deceptive stone beauty. These stones can cause serious damage to your health, even without someone threw them in you. 10. Koloradoit (Coloradoite)

Koloradoit - a newly discovered crystalline mineral normally found in the veins of magma. This mineral is a compound of mercury telluride is formed during alloy of mercury with tellurium, another extremely toxic and rare metals. Therefore koloradoit is a double-toxic threat to those who dare to take it in hand. The combination of these two elements creates a risk of serious injury if frivolous appeal. When heated or chemical changes, this strange mineral releases deadly vapor and dust. What is most interesting - this mineral is mined for tellurium contained in it. Tellurium minerals can also be found in combination with gold, but the earlier of such combinations has not been known. By a strange fate would koloradoita deposits developed in Australia during the gold rush unusual after people realized that the stones tellurium containing gold, fill potholes in the roads. 9. Chalcanthite (Chalcanthite)

Tempting bluestone blue crystals composed of copper, in combination with sulfur and other elements, as well as water. This composition makes the copper which is required for the organism, but which becomes toxic in excessive quantities and in very bio-available crystal. In other words, the copper becomes soluble in water and may be absorbed in large quantities in any plant or animal, rapidly weakening it, and then killing due to the fact that the important internal organs stop functioning. Scientists fans should never try to Chalcanthite salt content, because in this case they may happen extremely serious copper poisoning. Simple production of the crystal of the blue mineral killed all the algae pond at large, in addition, these crystals can create significant environmental problems. Because of the incredible beauty and rarity of bluestone, within the geological community appeared enterprise engaged in the cultivation of artificial crystals for sale that are advertised as authentic samples. 8. Hutchinson (Hutchinsonite)

Thallium - a grim counterpart lead. This dense, oily metal similar to lead in their atomic masses, but is even more deadly. Thallium is a rare metal that appears in a very toxic compound consisting of a rather strange combinations of elements. Effects of thallium even more strange, and include hair loss, serious illness in contact with skin and in many cases lead to death. Hutchinson is dangerous but amazing mixture of thallium, lead, and arsenic. Three toxic metals form a lethal cocktail of minerals, which must be handled with great care. Hutchinson was named in honor of John Hutchinson (John Hutchinson), known mineralogist from Cambridge University. This mineral can be found in the mountainous regions of Europe, mostly in the fields of ore. 7. Galena (Galena)


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