Clothing from an aerosol can will soon be a reality

` The developers of the technology, which allows you to create "fabric" from body spray, counting on the support of interested companies and state organizations.

The methods are based Fabrican is spray spray is a special liquid substance, which contains part of cotton fiber, polymer and solvent. When applied, the solvent evaporates even before touching with skin, that will not give "fabrics" blend with the body. The required density is achieved by spraying the required number of layers.
Interestingly, "tissue", which is produced by the aerosol method, over time wears out as ordinary cotton canvas. And yet, it can be washed, so that the resulting garments will not serve one day.

Depending on the components of the composition using the spray you can get clothes of different colors, with different texture fibers.
Manel Torres (Mаnel Togge), founder of Fabrican, reasonable notice that the technology will be particularly popular among designers and designers. With an ordinary aerosol cans they can for a few minutes to do unusual items upper and lower garments like t-shirts, shorts, capes, etc.

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