Microsoft will track the movements of Santa Claus

Microsoft again agreed with NORAD work together to track the movements of Santa Claus. The largest Internet search engine is once again screwed the Agency, as in the past year, chose for its service Bing maps, and not Goоgle Maps.

In the end, a competing company launched two services, which conducted the countdown before departure of a magic sleigh with reindeer — NОRAD Task Santa and Google Maps Santa Tracker. Their functions are quite similar: both offer clients to upload to their platforms (Windows/Windows Phone and Google Chrome/Android), explore Santa's village where he begins his journey, as well as playing entertaining games.

The tradition of "tracking" of Santa Claus dates back to 1955, when a newspaper EAG Robebuck & Co published a phone number for Santa, where children will be able to call him. But because of a misprint in the newspaper the kids calling the hotline of the commander-in-chief of the continental air defense (CONAD) — the predecessor of NORAD. As the number of calls has increased, the military began to give the children information about the location of Santa, which they received from their radar.

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