Japan has a new island

Nature has endowed the new Japan territory. However, quite small and not the fact that for a long time. Just November 20, a thousand kilometers South of Tokyo, near the uninhabited island Nishinoshima, after the eruption of an underwater volcano emerged a new island. Judging by the pictures and videos taken by the Japanese coastguard, the island is tiny – at the time of the shooting, he had only 200 meters in diameter and rises above sea level by 20 meters.

As the eruption is not over, it probably will grow. The fate of this island is still unknown he can stay on the map, and may drown. The last option is quite undesirable for Japan, since the presence of a new island is expanding not only its land, which it is not clear how to use, but, more importantly, the size of Japanese territorial waters.

This island is a continued ridge of the Ogasawara Islands, which probably have the same origin. In any case, this is exactly for the island Nishinoshima. This island, or rather braid with a width of 50 and a length of 800 meters, grew up out of the sea in 1974 year due to the eruption of the same, as is now clear, the vagus volcano. After that, he almost forty years of silence, and now spoke again.

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