How to survive in a snow avalanche?

Ski holidays are always accompanied with certain risks: the insidious snow disaster kills about two hundred lives each year. Today we tell about the main methods of how to get out of snow captivity unharmed.
How to survive in a snow avalanche
According to statistics, the victims of avalanches — the fans of skiing, climbing and snowboarding, a little less – ordinary tourists. Fortunately, the professional athletes involved in winter sports from a young age taught the rules of survival in an avalanche, so the rage of the elements part ends for them a prosperous outcome.

1. Very often it happens that the skier may provoke a convergence of avalanches. Weight always comes off a little below the place where is located the source of the noise, i.e., snow cover will fall right out from under your feet. In this situation it is important to save every second: instead of watching the earth move under your feet, these moments better be spent on trying to gain a foothold. Good luck, if you manage to grab onto a tree, fence or boulder.

2. Catch failed? Quick bump ski, snowboard, backpack and other heavy objects. Objects with a higher weight on delays in the epicenter of the avalanche, where later they will be covered with a thick layer of snow. The exceptions are ski poles that can help in a rescue mission after an avalanche will fall.

3. The main mass of the avalanche falls on the Central part – the snow there is racing with a much greater speed than at the edges. Being in the flow of the avalanche, try to move in the direction to its edge. Of course, given that you're head over heels down with a ton of snow to make it difficult. But you can try to help yourself with body movements towards the gaps in the snow "sea".

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