Why women need more sleep?

As we all know, during sleep there is a restoration of the body. The more a person works intellectually, the longer he needs to sleep. Besides, if you believe the latest experiences of experts from Duke University, women need to sleep longer than men. All due to the fact that due to the natural ability to solve several problems at one time, a female brain would need more time to rest.

In case, if the woman can't sleep, she observed depression and anger. Especially brightly you can see it in the first year after birth, when the young mother is sleeping quite a bit, all the time interrupting sleep feeding the baby. Lack of sleep is causing excessive risk of developing heart disease, inflammation, mental disorders.

And then, experts advise not to forget about the easy way out — sometimes not to neglect short NAP, no more than 1.5 hours, so as not to increase the drowsiness. Then the woman will be always happy and cheerful.

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