Ant mask – the best remedy against wrinkles

If You, dear reader, still have not heard anything about the ant the face mask, which can not only reduce wrinkles but also to regenerate skin cells, econet will gladly tell you about this wonderful tool in the world of cosmetology.

Due to the unusual composition of ant mask provides deep nourishment and long-lasting rejuvenating effect. Active components such as formic extract, floral water ginseng oil cupuacu, evening primrose, avocado, Buriti and cocoa, as well as Valieva acid, Carnauba wax, make this mask a super-efficient anti-aging, is filled with faded energy and protect it from stress. Ant mask has a high absorbent capacity: regulates the activity of lipids of the upper layers of the skin, stimulates cellular metabolism.

If You need to increase skin elasticity, protect it from aging and UV rays, improve the elasticity and turgor of the skin, to even out the complexion, then the ant's mask better than any other. After the first application You will notice a great result: velvety skin, taut and filled with energy.

Apply the mask very easily, can be used as a special brush, and fingers. Ant regenerating mask to be applied on the skin for 20 minutes. After applying the mask it is best to gently remove with warm wet towel or wet paper napkins, and the remains removed to a damp cotton pad. After the mask the skin need to apply a cleansing tonic and to fix the rejuvenating effect of the mask.

Ant mask can also apply on neck and decolleteactive ingredients of the mask has antioxidant and immune-boosting properties, so the skin remains supple and elastic, and wrinkles are significantly reduced. It is proved that regular use of this mask contributes to a significant rejuvenation of the skin.

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