The most "green" city is in Sweden

It is in Vaxjo, compared to other parts of Europe, the most actively use the environmental transport, developing renewable energy and welcomed resursosberezenie. This policy deliberately chose the local authorities in the 60-ies — then clears out the local lakes from waste from the textile industry. Now the once really once dirty lake region, Truman, it's easy to swim. The inhabitants of Vaxjo, don't stop — they invented a special program, which involves the deliverance of the city from the need to use petroleum products by 2030.

Moreover, the program involves the transition to organic agriculture, the reduction of paper use, etc., All these measures, according to the Swedes, contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions in the atmosphere. And so it was. Calculated that at the moment the CO2 emissions in växjö in two times less than in 1993.

Generally in växjö are used throughout —therefore, the waste here is recycled almost completely.

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