In the Arctic will produce food from the moss

In the Nadym division Scientific center, which deals with the study of the Arctic, experts have created a technology that will provide the ability to produce natural products from local plants. While the menu sounds exotic, but scientists think are useful, tasty, and most importantly – absolutely ecological clean food – you will find consumer.

Experts say that they could have at least today to begin to make crackers from sphagnum and soup on their basis for rapid manufacturing: serving of crackers, boiling water, agilely sauce, just a few minutes and lunch is ready. Moreover, it has already created the bread from the grasses of the tundra and chocolate dessert using moss.
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Andrey Lobanov, Deputy Director of the center for the study of the Arctic, notes that this kind of products of natural origin developed for the indigenous peoples of Yamal. When the land civilization came, herders started to use modern products that contain a lot of dye, carbohydrates, preservatives.

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The scientist said that the products that are sourced from local Arctic plants have special medicinal properties, help to restore power.

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