The three-year girl was among the smartest people on the planet

Three-year Alexis Martin — member of the International organization Mensa, which brings together people with the highest IQ.

Alexis Martin, from Queen Creek, Arizona, is the youngest member of Mensa International. The IQ girls exceed 160 points. It is likely that this IQ was possessed of albert Einstein, bill gates and Stephen Hawking. To compare the level of intelligence of an ordinary man is about a hundred points. Accurate data on the mental abilities of girls to not out — she was very quickly completed all the tasks.
The signs of giftedness, Alexis has shown since childhood. Already a year she could with accuracy to each word to reproduce the tale that was told to her at night.
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The girl doesn't go to kindergarten but already reading books meant for fifth graders. Alexis even taught myself Spanish, this helped her iPad parents. And, as a result, the girl is among the most intelligent people in the world — and it is only 2% of the total population.
Parents of Alexis are proud of the outstanding intelligence of my daughter, but, at the same time, they are going through is known as a talent daughter will affect her later in life.

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